14 Awards for Caimi Brevetti’s Snowsound.

Snowsound has been awarded again in Chicago with Marc Sadler’s Baffle and Pli, at the exhibition NeoCon held from June 9 to 11: from 2014 the innovative technology by Caimi Brevetti has already won 14 important awards.

Snowsound is an evolving system, an innovative range of products both for the technology behind it as well as for the idea of ​​an acoustic panel designed as a piece of furniture, which fits crosswise in every environment.
The two “Best of NeoCon Silver Award” in a row, 2014 and 2015, are part of a series of international awards that show the innovation and the efficacy of this technology: starting from the ” Innovation Design and Engineering Awards ” at the exhibition CES 2014, held in Las Vegas, continuing with the Trophée de l’Innovation 2014 at Bureaux Expo 2014 in Paris, till the Product Innovation Merit Award, the Grand Design Etico 2012 and 2014 and the Special Mention at the German Design Award 2015.
The latest one, after Silver Award in Chicago, is the ADI Design Index 2014 nomination which will allow Flap acoustic panels, to compete for the next Compasso d’Oro award.
Baffle and PLI, as all acoustic panels of Snowsound range, have the capacity to enhance the acoustic comfort inside closed environments with great flexibility and with a great formal and aesthetical impact, thanks to the possibility of being assembled ad libitum, always creating different lay-outs.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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