2015: the International Year of Light.

Euroluce 2015 falls on UNESCO Year of light, what are the aspects you’d like to see emerge from this initiative? Will Euroluce be able to tackle the most heated issues? That’s what we talk about with Stefano Bordone, president of Assoluce, who is very conscious of the perceptive and emotional aspects of light. “Not accidentally, in Italian  ‘to come to light’ is synonymous with to be born” he points out.

With this iniziative, UNESCO mainly wants to lay emphasis  on the theme of Energy saving, which is absolutely important, yet not the only significant factor.
Last century Light has marked mankind with innovations in all kinds of fields: from the theory of relativity to the application of laser beams in the medical field, from LED tv to Internet.
In Western countries a cultural evolution is in progress, that concerns both energy consumption and the important role played by light for a quality environment.

Obviously trade meets these requirements.  However, what is important is a conscious user. For instance, they tend to perceive LED lighting as a problem-solving solution,  there is scanty information on the fact that  not all LEDs are the same.
The perception theme is basic, because light has a strong emotional charge and, besides environmental quality, it affects people’s state of mind and mood,  as many scientific researches have confirmed.
Paradoxically there is a growing awareness of wellbeing, the best psychophysical condition that helps productivity, too, yet lighting designers are seldom involved in the design of a work environment.
Developers and designers should be awakened to this theme, for the figure of the lighting designer is basic and must be integrated into the general project. The lighting designer can render light “beautiful”, by rendering light he conveys an attitude.
Can Euroluce 2015 pass on this message?
It can prove that ornamental light isn’t just maquillage.
In the field of hi-tech lighting, a phenomenon is emerging, which proves that companies can innovate, and it’s the combination of more functions in a lighting fitting: sound absorbing devices or music spreading appliances, for instance.
That’s a clear example that we need a balance between “where” the world going is going and what companies are doing.

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