Mail.ru: 27 floors of vitality , Moscow (UNK Project).

The new headquarters of the IT-company Mail.ru, one of the largest players in RuNet, occupies all 27 floors in one of the towers of the SkyLight Business Center in Moscow. The interior design by UNK project features a playful, lively, bright and light look.

The offices, 28.000 sqm for more than 1600 emploees, were designed by UNK project, and pay specific attention to the comfort and flexibility of all working units, recreation and communication areas.The sense of “playful” play important role in the identity of these offices able to balance work, wellness and leisure. At the entrance to the office, you can immediately see the famous logo of the company made by Lego mini-figures. To strengthen the sense of belonging to the company, every employee, upon entering the new office, chose his own mini-figure. There is a gym and a mini-football area, cinema, coffee station and juice bar, where everyone can drink fruit juice or just relax and have a rest.

All the spaces are built on the principle of maximum openness and functionality. Glass partitions and doors were supplied by Nayada that took part in the construction (every kind of doors and partitions: customized Crystal glass partitions with a “web” pattern form the meeting rooms and offices zone, fire resistant and sliding insulation partition with 42 dB noise protection in the conference room).



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