A bench system to “get together”.

Team work, individual work, hot desking or smart working? Can a single furnishing meet different needs? The answer is yes if the approach to design is multifunctional as in the case of “get together”, the new bench system for new ways of working presented by Sedus at Orgatec.

Thanks to its multifunctional approach, the new bench system “get together” offers all the prerequisites for a mobile and flexible way of working together. It is a platform to quickly connect people for creative interaction, but it is perfect in the central zones of office too, to meet the requirements of temporary working models such as hot desking or smart working.

“get together” is designed as a modular system in four systematized configuration levels, to optimally match workplaces to users and to customer needs. Different top sizes, and individual features thanks to numerous nice and useful accessories, provide personalization and scope for creative design.
The easy attachment of accessories such as function bridges, cable channel, privacy screens, monitor support, hanging elements, magazine holder, desk organiser and adapter lights mean the workplace can be quickly and easily adapted to changing circumstances. In just a few moments a classic workplace can be turned into a touchdown workplace for creative work, a project table or a meeting table without accessories.
The freedom in assembling comes together with space optimization, for example top dimensions of 3200 x 1600 mm  correspond to a bench for 4 and are suitable for classic and long-term working in one place. Smaller top dimensions with a width of 2400 x 1600 mm are suitable for temporary usage in the sense of hot desking with less room available, but offer the most efficient use of space. Simple handling by means of a quick brace makes the system easy to assemble, allowing fast setup and reconfiguration.
Last but not least, Sedus also provides sustainability down to the last detail, with “Made in Germany” quality.
With“get together”, Sedus launched at Orgatec other furniture solutions suitable for different Ways of Working:
1 “turn around”, is a straightforward functional chair, perfect for team and project workplaces and available in both low and high counter versions with footring.
2 “on spot” is a new development for lounge areas. This armchair features a flowing seat shell and is available with various frames, as well as with extremely homely wooden legs.
3 “secretair” is a solution that is suitable for use as a small yet refined workplace or even the home office.
4 “Sedus to go” is a nice, useful and unusual accessories collection.


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