A contract chair born of wood and “diversity”.

Prima, the new seating system by Luxy designed by Paolo e Francesco Favaretto, was start from the wood (material that in common environments has for sure a longer durability compared to the others) and from a philosophy inspired by the concept of “diversity”.

“Think about people, they have to sit in different environments like home, office, waiting area…Think about how many people are there! Let’s make them seat on a seating system that conforms to the different requirements and create an unbroken line of décor and design!” This was the visionary theme, the challenge, the company has given to the designers.
Paolo e Francesco Favaretto, with their expertise and professional skills answered addressing the armchair in a different way.
Thus Prima was born, a 100% made in Italy seating system for contract sector and home. The chair is not only a question of shape identity but it has to be a useful tool for the architect in order to leave a uniform and homogeneous sign in a complexity of different environments.

Prima seating system by Luxy, design by Paolo and Francesco Favaretto.
The wood shell is composed by beech sheets with external coating with oak sheets. It can be upholstered either in the seat or in the backrest (upholstery could be easily replaced by any end users).
The product ( 5 years warranty) is made with materials with low environmental impact and recyclable at 97%.

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