A desk system in the genuine spirit of Mondrian.

20.venti takes its name from the size of its thin metal frame (a 20x20mm profile), that features an elegant graphics referring to Mondrian’s works and lending distinctiveness to this MDF Italia office system designed by 967 arch, to get into the office business with a targeted product.

We are facing a new step in MDF Italia growth, that after the home and contract sectors is now entering the office world with 20.venti desk system.


Can a desk be groundbreaking?
“It can certainly be “evolutionary”, when the fittings are well and truly an integral part of the desk system” the designer Cesare Chichi quoted.
The modular 20.venti desk system features a linear iconic design typical of MDF Italia’s “dna” creates a flexible, itinerant workplace and responds to the new trends of contemporary office enhancing sharing and communication.
A reflection on the desk, the archetypal workstation, proposes to create a workplace with a contemporary mood.
The contrast between full and empty volumes, the carefully studied combination of various finishes and the cables built into the bearing frame define an renewed proposal for office furnishings. The technical challenge starts from the use of a slender frame generated by a 20×20 profile.

The collection 20.VENTI includes both individual tables and double workstations, which can be aggregated, and a wide selection of screens and accessories, including sound absorbing panel made by Snowsound Technology.
Every workstation has a structural wireway that can be accessed by sliding the top. It can be used for electrification and cables, or simply as a small storage compartment for daily usage.


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