A flexible panel system, multiple functions.

Multy, design by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti for Tecno, is a partition wall system for dividing and structuring spaces, for creating visual and acoustic privacy in workplaces. It was launched at Orgatec.

The system comprises a single element, a panel, which can be configured, combined with others and equipped using a simple, intuitive system.The panel, consisting of two external shells in polyester fibre produced with hot press moulding technology, is equipped with an integrated perimetral structure in anodized aluminium housing snap-fit connections that allow the system to be equipped with work surfaces of different shapes and sizes, as well as shelves and accessories.
The Multy system features a vertical ball joint that allows the panel to flex, creating different geometric solutions: 180° linear, 120° corner and 90° perpendicular configurations. Integrated snap-fit joints enable modular combinations of two, three or four panels; the desired solution can be chosen at the moment of assembly and later modified as and when required offering maximum flexibility.
Multy has been tested with regards to sound absorption using the random incidence method in a reverberant room as provided for by ISO 354, obtaining “sound absorption class A” in compliance with UNI EN ISO 11654. It has also been tested with regards to sound insulation using the two room method (reverberant and semi-anechoic) as provided for by ISO 3741 and ISO 3745, obtaining a noise reduction of 20 dB in compliance with UNI EN ISO 717.


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