A former theatre becomes a workplace: Clubhouse Brera.

At the most exclusive Clubhouse Brera, former Teatro delle Erbe, you can work, meet and organize cultural events downtown Milan. An innovative concept, a sophisticated “Italian Style”ambience launched by Copernico. The “workspace” combined with a contemporary mood and Art Deco references marks the interior design by architect Laura Stecich.

“Clubhouse Brera suits the ongoing change in the labour market and the way business is done, over a coffee or a drink or while having a quick bite- said Pietro Martani, AD of Copernico “Where Things Happen”- we wanted this place to be special, a source of inspiration and perfect for those we want a refined environment”.

That’s the membership club (the first in Italy open to women’s entrepreneural activities): 500 high-profile members from the Finance, Real Estate, Art and Culture, Fashion and Design communities at most.
Interior design.
More than 1000 sqm on two floors: the bar area is smartly furnished in subdued colours suffused with light; furnished with a large communal table and small coffee tables with sofas and armchairs. The Art Deco counter calls to mind an open curtain and other “stage references” characterizes the interior design and the furniture “site specific” designed by Laura Stecich.

A small, glazed garden surrounds the second area, brighter and with a multi functional platform – the stage of the theatre- that can be subdivided into several meeting rooms by closing the red curtains.
Here you can work on a shelf facing the garden, on meeting tables, in the glazed phone booths. A hushed atmosphere is assured by the acoustic design and soundproofing materials.

Overlooking the garden, the upper floor features meeting rooms closed by glass partition walls (by Universal Selecta) and three office suites with cubicle and bathroom for managers wishing to relax after a journey.

Photos by Andrea Menin (1/2; 5/8; 13/16).


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