A mediterranean workplace: the Mosaicoon’s offices by Lago .

A new Lago at Work’s project is born in the Mosaicoon’s headquarters: a sea view open space with a citrus grove, image of the mediterranean culture. The interior design by Squar-e Architettura, Francesco Brigulia and Giuseppe Di Prima, with Francesco Librizzi Studio, in collaboration with Lago, focused on the concepts of relationship and individual and collective well-being in the workplace.

Empathy is the foundation of every kind of innovation. It was from this idea that Daniele Lago, Lago’s Managing Director and Head of Design, with Ugo Parodi Giusino, CEO Mosaicoon (Tech Company leader in the web video production and distribution) join together in the project of a space capable to express the “mediterranean” workstyle.
“…We have to use our great cultural and genetical heritage to define our own identity, based on conviviality and wellness, that will become really appealing for the rest of the world”, Daniele Lago says.
The Mosaicoon’s headquarters in Isola delle Femmine (Palermo, Italy), is located on a triangular space between the land and the sea, 2.000 sqm over 3 floors.

In order to answer to the need of a flexible space in the operative areas, a movable version of the “Et Voilà” walls has been placed, allowing to connect and separate different spaces in different ways. In addition, comfortable couches, swings and table footballs give a playful touch to the environment, while a Community Table Air gives is the ideal place where to share ideas and projects.
Lago has also made the furniture of the common area in the basement: the cafeteria provided with a 36e8 kitchen and a 12m Community Table; the conference room with a 6m Air bookcase and a break area with Slide couches, that can be arranged in different compositions.
The home feeling sensation, that dominate the whole project, is emphasise in the executive offices at the first floor: a kind of apartment-office with divided in an operative and relax area with a big domestic Air couch.
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