A shading techno-skin: CCL Offices, France.

For the extension of the CCL headquarters (Lacq region municipal in Mourenx, France) the architect Gilles Bouchez designed an innovative light and airy sun protection system with no visible structure that regulates thermal build up on a south facing glazed façade.
“I wanted to find an aesthetic and contemporary alternative to wood or fabric screens, a break-through solution, of extreme whiteness that would not accumulate heat, open to allow light to pass through, and with no visible structure.-Gilles Bouchez explains- My idea was to create a solution of panels that seemed to float, visible from both the interior and exterior, with the illusion of thickness attributed by the panels’ own shadows.”
A specific system was developed to hold the panels, similar to the system used for the glass: vertical cables made in stainless steel, placed every 65cm, on which the DuPont™ Corian® panels are suspended.
Gilles Bouchez has also designed a lighting system for the panels: LED strips, placed on the ground and at half-height, between the panels and the glazed façade, and oriented upwards to optimize the relief effect, playing with the variety of colors offered by LED that change according to the weather and season. At least, in the evening, light from the interiors will reflect upon the panels further enhancing energy saving.
Dominique Bernard,
CCL Vice-Président, in charge of the project, comments “The solution proposed by Gilles Bouchez responds to these requirements, together with bringing important thermal control functionality, and original and innovative aesthetics,”
Developed in cooperation with Crea Diffusion (Metz, France).
Photo Arthur Péquin for DuPont™ Corian®.


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