A source of well-being and emotional influences: that’s the workplace 3.0.

We are all looking forward to the presentation of the next Salone Ufficio -in April, during Salone del Mobile in Milan expected to launch new products and to give new a picture of a smart workplace not just from a technological viewpoint, but as a place where the worker plays an active role within virtuous circles.
A smart office because based on relations, trust, transparency, wellbeing. Where work and joy, productivity and play coexist.

We’ll soon know how some designers from all over the world are going to develop the theme “A Joyful sense at Work” proposed by Cristiana Cutrona for the cultural installation at pavilion 24 of Salone Ufficio.
However the guidelines of this cultural transformation of the workplace are clear and a “movement “ is getting underway to lay the groundwork for the Workplace 3.0, as proved by some of the articles published in this issue:
PwC Switzerland office in Basel by Evolution Design (Work Your Way to Well-Being!); AB Medica headquarters by Giuseppe Tortato, a “refuge regenerator” in balance with the nature and focused on worker’s psychophysical wellbeing.
Joyful, wellbeing and emotions also features the Fondazione Feltrinelli headquarters in Milan designed by Herzog e De Meuron and the colorful workplace by GaS in Rome.
These places, where a work-life balance is possible, enable new behaviours, a different use of space, and are a source of inspiration for an actually groundbreaking furniture design.
Hybrid objects out of the box and out of any kind of existing category ( for example the swinging pouf by 13&9 or the wall-piece-of-furniture by Kaja Solgaard Dahl).
Enjoyable furniture for a non-static and standardized working environment.
Editorial by Renata Sias, editor WOW! Webmagazine.


Photos by Peter Wurmli:  PwC Switzerland office in Basel, design by Evolution Design.

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