A “Spine ” for a 3D set up of the workplace.

Mascagni meets to the Orgatec’ s topic “Creativity Works” (Hall 10.2 Q1) with TrèS Spine, a user friendly architectural system for interiors designed by Ergon Design that allow to set up workplaces in a creative way: from individual workstations to shared areas thanks to the central “backbone”. The TrèS Sound integration improves the environmental acoustics.

TrèS spine is a user-friendly, plain geometrical piece of design by Mascagni. The vertical scans of the system, running along in modules, may be laid out in panels made of plate, melamine or upholstery to create customised spaces and shared areas, where a capacious backbone may be easily and quickly wired.

Its desks and storage units,, which are secured to a main frame made of risers and crossbeams, make the worktop three-dimensional and highly customisable, in addition to personal requirements, meeting the needs of an increasingly shared use of communal space. A mechanical interaction between its parts offers a very high level of customisation, from individual to in-line and highly private uses, such as cubicles. Interaction with the TrèS Sound provides acoustic comfort.

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