A tribute to Bieffe and Bieffeplast.

On February 10th, will be opened “Scraps Bieffe 1953/1999. In the sign of metal.”
an exhibition to safeguard the historical memory of Bieffe, a protagonist of industrial innovation and design made in Italy. On this occasion, on February 24th Emme Italia organizes an Open Factory in its offices and factories, formerly the headquarters of Bieffe and Bieffeplast, in the buildings designed by the Paduan urbanist Gabriele Scimemi in the 1960s.

The aim of the exhibition is to safeguard the historical industrial memory of Bieffe. The company started its activity in Caselle di Selvazzano Dentro (PD) in 1958 and soon became the driving force behind the economic recovery of the Paduan territory starting from the post-war period, as well as one of the protagonists of the history of  Design Made in Italy until the end of the nineties of last century.

Thanks to the private collections of the Anselmi and Barison families, with the contribution and precious collaboration of former Bieffe employees, a selection of original Bieffe and Bieffeplast branded products is displayed: the first metal drawing table, pieces of furniture designed by prestigious designers , communication materials and some vintage documents.
The exhibition intends to start a research project that aims to recover significant materials such as drawings, prototypes, products, communication tools, stories, mostly lost after the closure of the company.

Title: “Frammenti Bieffe 1953/1999. Nel segno del metallo.”
When: 10 February / 3 March 2018
Where: Palazzo Eugenio Maestri, Selvazzano Dentro (Padua)



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