A vibrant showroom in a former warehouse.

A new amazing and vibrant showroom was opened in Milan. North 45° 29’ 27”-East 09° 11’ 17”: latitude and longitude with a city map of the area are visible on the entrance wall. Cardex, dealer for some of the most important brands in office and contract furnishing creates a flexible setting perfect for the new work styles, relating a recent past and expressing the new aesthetics for the workplace. 

The area is close to the city center and very trendy; the Isola district, once working-class, was redeveloped and many former industrial properties were converted.
Even the nondescript warehouse with shelter and trucks parking of the ‘50s, at via Civerchio 4, once used for tubular steel items is now a showroom with unique features thanks to the project by Cardex.
A pleasant and dynamic location, perfect for receiving architects and customers, especially in spring and summer when the charming garden can change into an outdoor meeting room.

Over 200 m2 on two floors with large windows facing on the cozy garden. The flexible space planning highlights the functional subdivision of the different areas and the rooms to mingle and meet people: from the meeting room that allow privacy thanks to the glass partition wall to the lounge area for informal meetings, from the bench desk devoted for teamworks to the lively break area with table soccer and kitchen closed by a glass wall, in order not to bother.

A staircase leads to the upper floor where one can see the structure of the pitched roof with beams in view; in the upper open plan floor there are a few bench desks marked by book shelves and sound-absorbing panels in bright colors.
A glass wall at the back closes the area used for jobs requiring concentration.

This vibrant location was implemented thanks to the idea of two Milanese creative and pragmatic architects, Pietro Carullo and Paolo Della Salda, with the collaboration of the architects Silvia Gerli, Erica Cazzaniga and Giorgio Colombo.


Cardex’s partener companies:
Arper, Arteco, B&B Italia, Buzzi space, Caimi BrevettiDieffebiHW-Style, Knoll, MDF, OLuce, Sitland, Thonet, Viccarbe.

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