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A Wellness office: SPA concepts in an agency.

The specialized architect in SPA design Alberto Apostoli signed the insurance company Allianz-Ragnos agency in Trani, Italy. The project is a contamination between Architecture and Wellness and focused with a particular attention on the psychophysical condition of employees and customers.

The Ragno Family’s decision, to choose a SPA designer for his offices, it is lead by the needing to change the customer perception of the “insurance product” as an “essential product”.
They wanted also to create an innovative space, as Alberto Apostoli underlines presenting his work as “an office where the professionalism and the “working method” meets the world of wellness and hospitality with all that this implies in terms of emotionality, sensory and comfort”.
The office is dominated by the handcrafted operating desk, made of travertine and equipped with 8 workstations. Its vertical development is characterized by a succession of marble slabs and lights, giving it a technical aspect, but at the same time, a strong visual impact.
A glass wall, with a sheet of water flowing on the surface of the glass, connects the executive office with the operations rooms, while a bio-ethanol fireplace was placed in the main office to counterbalance the water element.
All workstations have been created with white travertine and glass, while the libraries and other furnishings of service are in matt lacquered wood.
The project was designed to facilitate communication and to give emotional and sensorial sensations. That’s why typical SPA materials were used: water, fire, light, nature, wood, glass and travertine.
The lighting, as well, was specially designed and sized mixing the role that light has in health spa and workplace. RGB lighting combined with a DALI system, “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface”, can handle different scenarios in accordance with the video wall behind the desk.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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