A working “port” in Anversa: Havn Cowork.

Among the images that best describe the atmosphere of a coworking space, the port is definitely one of the most evocative: a starting point for new adventures for boats that take off, landing place for those looking for an orientation, a place of extraordinary opportunities. And “port” is the name the eclectic and visionary Steve Symons, founder and CEO of BuzziSpace thought for a coworking space in Antwerpen, his town: Havn Cowork.

With memberships as a “Compass”, “Anchor”, “Lighthouse”, the workspace becomes an inspiration.
The environments of Havn Cowork equipped by mixing BuzziProducts, with vintage and ancillary products from other brands are refined and with class: the individual work stations and meeting rooms for example are paired with the classic and original Eames Aluminum chairs.

Meeting rooms and lounge areas, informal meeting places and kitchen, individual workplaces with acoustic privacy: different workspaces to answer to different working needs.
As a matter of fact Havn is a BuzziLab, a living office-laboratory designed to experience the new “no boundaries” philosophy of the company and understand how future generations work. Interesting is the enclosure of innovative products designed to encourage movement and social interaction within the office space.
For example BuzziJungle, designed by Jonas Van Put, made from lacquered steel and inspired by nature, it offers a solution to the conventional meeting space; you can climb, lounge and meet in the elevated work-lounge space.
If you go to Antwerp, remember that there is a new port…where to work, collaborate and take inspirations. Enjoy and keep us posted!
Text by Silvia Fattore


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