WOW! (Ways Of Working) is an interactive online magazine addressed to architects and designers, facility managers and real estate dealers.

WOW! (Ways Of Working) is a monthly online magazine in two languages (English and Italian), duly registered and addressed to an International target of professionals and specifiers “on the go”; easy to consult from your iphone, ipad and tablet, but also optimized for printinting.
WOW! Not a blog, not a portal, not a newsletter, but an actual magazine.

WOW! broaches the connection between the new life styles and the new ways of working and analyzes how working places and time impact on the future of the cities. WOW! promotes the awareness of quality and innovation in the architecture of working and common environments, explores the emergent concepts and trends of the workplace, and pinpoints technologies and managerial strategies directed towards achieving excellent working environments.

WOW! was established in November 2012 by Renata Sias (editor in chief) who, after a 30-year experience in professional magazines, has decided to create a versatile communication medium to meet the requirements of the 3.0 era professionals: cutting-edge, interactive, based on social networks e and new sharing models.

The concepts of innovation, sharing and dynamism also underlie the philosophy of the magazine and its structure: WOW! denies the conventional pattern and defines its own publishing plan through recurrent meetings, everytime in different places, of small groups selected from a network of qualified professionals.
Readers, too, give up their passive role and can contribute articles, news and studies.

The hallmark of WOW! Is already clear in the editorial, that gives up its usual frozen and self-referential formula to turn into a new expression of debate all readers can take part in and act as members of the editorial staff.

WOW! #1 is online since 12 December 2012 with a first, selected file of about 12 000 names (80% Italy, 20% abroad) bound to increase gradually, thanks to a concentrated effort of “viral marketing” through social media and special events (bar camp, flash mob, happy hour, etc).

Companies, as well, can join WOW! network

The online scenario of communication is undergoing a thorough change, and even if the renowned American weekly Newsweek has announced the end of the paper edition, indeed this is the best time to seize the opportunities offered by new media based on greater interactivity and a more dynamic use.
Those companies wishing to choose an interactive and dynamic way to connect with a selected target of professionals (sectors: architecture, interior design, space planning, real estate, facility management) can share with Renata Sias this new venture, enter the network of WOW! and become membership of the most innovative and cool professional network of the moment. WOW!
For further information about partnership and advertising contact Renata Sias.