Acoustics, light, comfort: hybrid performances.

The growing interest in acoustics continues to generate innovative design solutions, sometimes with hybrid products. We sow several of them by foreign and Italian companies at Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone.

In the field of acoustics, among Italian companies, Caimi Brevetti, who recently entered in this field, continues to collect awards and recognitions with its innovative Snowsound technology (Trophée de l’Innovation Expo 2014 Bureaux in Paris, after the prestigious “Innovation Design and Engineering Awards 2014 ″ at CES in Las Vegas).
Gaber, also with Stilly, has expanded its offerings from seating to acoustical modular wall panel system.
From the chair to the “acoustically protected” workstation, it is a short way: we’ve seen some interesting proposals for Ares Line, Kinnarps, Vitra, Bene, Offecct.
Estel has made a further leap with the product “son et lumiere” Fly, a suspended acoustic panels system designed by Jeorge Pensi.
This typology of hybrid products that combine in a single product lighting and acoustic performance has generated innovative proposals.
Artemide enters the world of environmental quality with two products: Eggboard by Progetto CMR and Ambrosia by Michele De Lucchi.
, which had already explored a few years ago this hybrid concept with Petal by Odile Decq, now launches Silence, a very couture object turned to contract designed with feminine touch by Monica Armani.
Even the classic container hybridizes and can contribute to the acoustic comfort, as in the case of Primo Dieffebi.
And a painting ceases to be only a decorative object and can evolve into an acoustic element (Mooia Sedus).
Also “space-within-a-space” objects Help to create privacy and acoustic comfort as Toguna Parcs by Bene and the acoustic “shells” as the three-dimensional system Wood Skin allows geodesic Buckminster Fuller style forms.

1,2 Estel, Fly, design Jeoge Pensi, a system for hanging sound absorbing panels (available in three sizes) composed of a supporting frame in aluminum and a core of extruded polyurethane, upholstered with a fabric covering. The insertion of a LED in the central part adds to the panel a lamp function.
3 L
uceplan, Silenzio, design Monica Armani, a system of lighting matched to decor solutions with high-performance soundproofing. In addition to developing acoustic comfort, the lighting design decorates the space, personalizing it and becoming a protagonist in defining the mood (fabrics Kvadrat Remix collection).
4,5 Artemide, Ambrosia, design Michele De Lucchi, LED suspension lamp available in two dimensions with dual direct dif­fused and indirect upwards emission, with sound-absorbing properties.The bottom has an anti-glare honeycombed geometry (dark light) made of white injection-moulded polycarbonate, the thermoformed sound- absorbing top is made of polyester wadding coated with a polyester fabric.
Artemide, EggBoard,design Giovanni Giacobone (Progetto CMR) combines acoustic and luminous efficiency a systemic philoso­phy: the arrangement of several units, suspended at different heights and in different colors, allows to not only adjust the performance according to the characteristics of the destination space, but also to create effective fluctuating compositions, with spectacular architectural and lighting.
Caimi Brevetti,Caimi Brevetti, Pli, design Marc Sadler, a line of screens doubles as partition and sound-mitigation usage (Snowsound technology), held together by elastic straps with details inspired by saddle makers.

9,10 Caimi Brevetti, President, design Philippe Nigro. The dynamic sound absorbing system President consists of solid wood sections combined with panels that are sound absorbing, sliding, superimposable, modular and perfectible.
Ares Line, Privèe, design by Progetto CMR, confortable sofa collection with high sound absorbing performance; furniture becomes architecture to answer to privacy needs in open space offices.
Offecct, Notes, design Luca Nichetto, a new kind of sound panel not to be fixed on the wall and made by recyclable felt made of garbage from tupholstery; “In Venice, where the designer is from, a common way of drying your damp clothes is by throwing them over any available cable that you find hanging between houses. When the kids play football on the street, the clothes hanging over the lines muffles the sound of the bouncing football and screaming kids” says Luca.
Wood Skin is a patented system that combines wood and other materials and is able to provide answers for formal, aesthetical, structural needs. Wood-skin¨ is the evolution in the use of wood. The Wood-skin¨ family, Sound-skin, created in collaboration with Bluemilano, is a tridimensional soundproof panel, light and refined, perfect for organic coverings in big settings.
Glimakra (distributed by Kinnarps Italia), Alp, design Tim Alpen. A sound absorbing room divider with multiple functions. It comes in three sizes that can slide into each other or stand alone.
Glimakra (distributed by Kinnarps Italia), Ocean, design Maria Grönberg. Sound absorbent to mount on the wall, with a new and smooth design inspired by the waves. The sound absorption is very high class and clothing of the fabric is outstanding.
Bene, Parks Toguna, design PearsonLloyd. A round or squared, acoustically screened, half open space for brainstorming and short meetings, for sitting or standing. It consists of three upholstered segments in leather or fabric covers. The floor is a two-part MDF board with optional cabling covered by a rug. An energy-saving ring bulb is optionally integrated into the ceiling.
 Gaber Acoustic Systems Stilly is a collection of acoustic panels and sound absorbent lighting systems, mounted on the wall or ceil­ing by using a hidden patented bracket. The molded medium density polyester felt is coated with recycla­ble, sound absorbent, fire resistant, lightweight, durable and colored polyester fabric.
Bla Station, Koja Element, design, Fredrik Mattson, is a sound-absorbing room divider. It provides protection against noise and screens off movement. Sound-absorbent felt on a lacquered steel frame (Covering fabric in Europost Stripe from Gabriel).
Dieffebi, Primo Acoustic , design 967, cabinets with doors and back panels in sound absorbing material.
Sedus Mooia offers unlimited possibilities for the interior design. It offers an effective solution to acoustic problems thank to its integrated and invisible sound absorber material.

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