Aldo Cibic frames Green Dunes in Dubai.

Green Dunes is a large size “vegetable” artwork designed by Aldo Cibic on the occasion of the 2nd edition of Downtown Design in Dubai. It is made with natural sand and Smart Acoustic Green technology (SAG) by Blumohito. It has been selected to be shown at La Galerie Nationale, in Dubai.

The starting point of this artistic path is the research into “micro-landscaping“, this time focused on some core themes of the Gulf culture: this explains why the sinuous line that separates desert from life, here emphasizes the contrast of the lush vegetation, suddenly appearing like an oasis in the desert. The desert itself is not sterile, as life makes her way even in harsh conditions. The lonesome tree is telling us this, and his benign presence gives shade, relief and protection.
This art project by Aldo Cibic is a tribute to Dubai and a celebration of life.
The mirror frame blurs the boundary line between the installation and the viewer, as if a mirage was occurring. Likewise, the border between art and design is dazzled.


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