An actual smart-working experience poolside.

Here are the pictures of the Isola WOW! Lavoro Agile 2016 in Milan. For the new ways of working, we chose an absolutely uncommon setting: the stand of a swimming-pool. Thanks to the collaboration of Milanosport, the Cozzi swimming pool changed in a temporary coworking and a hub to share Smart Working Visions. We thank all those who brought forth this venture. Here are the pictures of the Agile Working Island.

The relaxing sound of the water moved by “agile” swimmers and the music beating time during the course of water aerobics have been the accompaniment to a lively and vital week. Although the noise and temperature weren’t perfect for an office, it was quite a positive experience appreciated by the Cozzi Pool-goers and smart workers attracted by this cutting-edge event.

As an activity based office, the area included several kinds and extremely comfortable and dynamic workplaces (furnished by the WOW’s partner companies Akzo Nobel, BTicino, Dieffebi, Caimi Brevetti, Cardex, Emme Italia, HW Style, Kinnarps, Sedus, Interface, Linak) for different tasks, made more stimulating by the presence of luxuriant plants and aroma diffusers (HW Style).

Flexible workstations equipped with recharge stations (Emme Italia, Linak, Bticino,Kinnarps), bench desks (Cardex), storage units and multipurpose drawers (Dieffebi), cocoon armchairs (Cardex, Kinnarps, Sedus), meeting table (Sedus), lounge furnishing (Sedus, Kinnarps) and a small “home” to protect privacy (Kinnarps),


task chairs and ball-chairs, coffee area (Caimi Brevetti) and conference area (NEC, Sagsa)… Everyone could choose the most suitable space for their jobs.

The relaxing breaks were “softened” by the complimentary coffee (by Nespresso, what else?) and bio-snack by Noberasco.
Various kinds of meetings were held in the relevant area: a training course for architects and a workshop on the link between Smart Working and Real Estate; even some informal Jelly Sessions to discuss case studies and mind maps, or to create a set of rules defining the key points for a new concept of ergonomics for the smart office.


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