Secretair Sedus: an oasis of privacy.

Sedus cultivates the renaissance of an old type of furniture for casual work places, as a retreat in the open space, a cosy solution for the home office or useful desk in common spaces like university and library. It underlines the effect of productive well-being and close the gap between “main office” and “home office”.

This single workplace created by designer Rüdiger Schaack is small (1200 x 700 mm) but beautiful and easy to position thanks to its castors. A screening textile element and conscious avoidance of conventional table legs contribute to the special character of the versatile piece of furniture.
5-sedus-secretaire-Rudiger-Schaack-wow-webmagazine.The supporting structure consists of a tubular frame construction with a net-like fabric cover, which also functions as acoustic and visual screening as well as supporting the table top. This creates a small haven of well-being that allows concentrated working and further reinforces it with the slanted flanks of this screening.


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