Antlos: shared economy and new ways of sailing.

The shared economy philosophy constantly inspires new business models, new ways of working and also .. sailing. Like it is shown by Antlos, a platform that organizes all inclusive sailing holidays by directly connecting professional skippers with sea lovers users who decide to rely on the expertise of qualified personnel. A sort of Airbnb of boat holidays.

The name is Antlos, the sea in ancient greek language, it is a start-up born in 2014 within the acceleration program of H -FARM Ventures, where the company is still based.
The team currently consists of five people in addition to the three founders: Michelangelo Ravagnan, business developer and former captain of yachts and trainer of crews; Marco Signori, product manager and former Skipper on sailing boats; Nicola Peduzzi, the lead developer.
It was born to make sailing holidays accessible to those who love the sea, but due to lack of experience and high costs, have never managed to set the sails yet.
Just like the Airbnb platform, Antlos provides a direct contact between hosts and guests, offering the opportunity to purchase a vacation aboard. engl-antlos-wow-webmagazine
Every skipper may publish several listings and be contacted by registered users willing to book a vacation. Guests can choose from different destinations, experiences and activities offered and safely pay online via credit card, Paypal and Bank Wire transfer.
Antlos offers a real opportunity for users to start earning from the rental of their boat without having to pay commissions to any agencies.
Thanks to a simple and intuitive booking system, clients can book their holidays with the peace of mind given by flexible cancellation policies, transparent terms of refunds, and a dedicated customer service.antlos-wow-webmagazine

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