Architectural and protective seating.

During the ‘70s the ergonomic chairs were the “hart” of Orgatec, real seating machines. Today seating design becomes softer, friendly and technology is hidden. The most common typology is the multifunctional lounge seating.

Neither sofa, nor cubicles nor sound absorbing screens: yet they are all these things… and more. The functions of the lounge chair expand. The armchairs are snug and envelop like a cocoon to make you feel a total comfort, they become informal workstations for meeting or concentration.

Brunner, Banc Seating System, design Jehs and Jurgen.
Estel Kite, sound absorbing Lounge Seating.
Haworth, Windowseat, design Mike & Maaike.
Cascando, Team seating system, design Peter Van De Water.

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