Cushions by Ares Line at Teatro Olimpico.

Ares Line has made and donated new ergonomic, red velvet cushions for 400 seats at the famous Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, designed by Andrea Palladio. The company’s president Roberto Zuccato points out that it is a gesture of civil responsibility, “a company builds its success in the world also thanks to its relationship with culture and the attractive features of a territory”.

One of the limitations of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, highlighted by the vice-mayor of Vicenza, Jacopo Bulgarini dElci at the press conference presenting the project, was the uncomfortable seating that audiences had sat on up to now. Ares Line decided to solve this problem, becoming a player of a cultural patronage that has an essential role today in preserving a heritage that “encompasses values of excellence that not only belong to this city but also to the whole world”.
“The seats at the Teatro Olimpico, specifically created by our R&D department, have been made using the best products available on the market”, explains Nicola Franceschi, CEO of Ares Line. “Ares Line supplied the seating for the main hall of the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza so the city has already been our natural showroom for some time. By donating the new seats to the Teatro Olimpico we have begun a path that sees companies and institutions joining force to promote our cultural heritage and, in this case, we are helping the Municipality to preserve one of the artistic wonders of Vicenza in the best possible way”.
Proud of the project, the president of Ares Line Roberto Zuccato adds, “Our company is a protagonist and ambassador of new products because we invest in innovative human capital with top-level skills and especially because of our strong tie with culture and the territory, which we express in our products and through wide-ranging partnerships”.
The overall contribution by Ares Line amounts to a sum of about 30,000 euros. The numbered, ergonomic dark red velvet cushions will be put into place in time for the Galà destate on 21 June.
Text by Gabriele Masi


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