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Ares Line for the community: hidden seats and acoustics.

Ares Line and its acoustics brand Fonology were back again at Workplace3.0 this year in the shared Contract Design Network‘s stand. Among the new products the most interesting were Ares Line’s Myspace and Ventuno.9 and Fonology’s Easy Air and Petra, a soundproof stone.

Enter the space that gives you space”, this was the slogan at Workplace3.0 of Contract Design Network, a business network of leading companies in the community-spaces design’s sector. In particular, Ares Line and Fonology focus on environments such as convention halls or conference rooms, offering seats but also solution for the acoustics.
The other companies in Contract Design Network are DecimaMasonOmsi, Quinze & Milan, Radio Marconi, Medit, Mizar, Nesite e ZetaLab.

Fonology, through researching and experimenting new soundproof materials, helps designers selecting combinable products that offer maximum creative freedom. Wood, concrete, wool, steel, mdf. Fonology is the connection point between sound and material.
 In addition to traditional sound absorbing materials, Fonology uses and converts reflective materials par excellence, transforming them and enhancing them to their full acoustic potential. An approach that allows for the broadest choice of materials, the widest freedom of use, and above all, a new interpretation of sound absorption.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

1-4, Myspace, designed by Giovanni Baccolini. A compact chair (the overall dimension of the basic version is 16cm) ideal for use in limited spaces and for being housed in Mason’s telescopic seating systems, with their automatic system for storing seats out of sight beneath the floor. With an adjustable backrest pitch and height, the rollaway can be customised with prestigious finishes in an entirely upholstered Plus or Wood version, with the backrest rear panel, underseat and armrest tops in a choice of wood finishes. It can be accessorised with a side-writing tablet.

5, 6 Ventuno.9 and Ventinove.9designed by Giovanni Baccolini. Ventinove.9 is an innovative Conference chair designed by Giovanni Baccolini for Ares Line. It offers maximum comfort while reducing overall dimensions to less than thirty centimetres (with an A4 size writing tablet) and less than twenty-two centimetres (Ventuno.9, without a writing tablet). All this can be achieved with a “moving back” system for the backrest that follows the natural movement of the user’s back. As Myspace they can be easily hidden beneath the floor using a simple automatic system.
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Petra. Petra is a soundproof slate finish for a better sound propagation, it can be completely integrated with all the other Fonology panels, allowing the customer to realize finishes of a great effects in different materials.

9, 10 Easy Air, design di Simone Micheli.  Easy Air is a painted metal structure that allows very easy installation of the round and square soundproof and heat insulating Airtwin panels. Thanks to its magnetic anchoring system, the panels can be easily replaced or changed, allowing versatile ways to renew compositions.Ideal as an easy- to- remove partition, Easy Air can be moved as required, since there is no need for any structural intervention. The option of mounting up to nine panels guarantees a high-performance acoustic insulation, reducing noise by 35%.

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