Art (and chocolate) for a happier office.

Can Art help to make us happier even at work? The answer is positive according to Kevin Daum, who in his article 5 Ways to Generate Office Happiness, published in Inc., puts Art first in the list of happiness generators and enthusiasm in the workplace. But, careful! We don’t mean old prints or daubs found in our garage… we are talking about an Art that can convey emotions, tell stories. As far as I’m concerned, nothing makes me feel better and happier than a visit to an art exhibition (I’m still under the beneficial effects of the last binge at the Venice Biennale!) and it seems that some studies, too, show the positive effect of art on your mood.

The articles of this WOW! “Speciale Arte” prove that this form of culture can create new Ways Of… events, a link between architecture and territory through the works of local artist, a constant conversation round art with one’s customers, inspire a new spirit to open a work space or celebrate an important anniversary of one’s company. The promotion of an art/industry relation through art activities has always been the hallmark of the most enlightened companies. It’s a matter of extending the possibility of enjoying art, every day, also while working. The economic period we are going through is not a happy one, will art be enough to overcome, or mitigate, the bad mood and depression we are sometimes assailed by? To be on the safe side, we also follow the other Ways suggested by Kevin Daum who, on the advice of Sarah Endline, founder of a confectionery, adds a daily dose of chocolate to the list of happiness generators. Without inducing to obesity, in “recompense” for reaching one’s goal or celebrating an event. I’m already unwrapping a bar of excellent Modica plain chocolate. What am I celebrating? The publishing online of the #6 WOW!

Editorial by Renata Sias

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