Personalized ergonomic height adjustment.

Temptation Twin e Attention are the desk systems by Sedus that allows different individual, ergonomic height adjustment for meeting tables and desks.

The double desk Temptation Twin by Sedus offers double the advantages.On the one hand, more efficiency; as a unit with one shared frame it allows for a wide variety of desk formations. On the other hand, it offers perfect ergonomics, as the frame leaves lots of leg room and the height of each desk can be adjusted separately. When used in conjunction with the matching desk-mounted screens, also aids concentrated individual work as well.

Temptation Twin allows different individual, ergonomic height adjustment.
Manual telescopic height adjustment 650 – 850 mm.
Recommended as an inexpensive solution if the desk is not going to be raised or lowered very often.
Simple crank height adjustment 650 – 850 mm. A couple of revolution assets the desk to the correct height quickly and easily. This system is ideal when the desk user changes frequently.
Electric height adjustment 650 – 1250 mm. This highly convenient form of individual adjustment up to standing height facilitates dynamic seating and varied working postures, something which is recommended for healthy office.

Sedus also presented Attention, a collection that combines visual lightness and great function  and offers the right solution for  any workplace environments: individual workstation, grouped together for use in small teams or as a conference table.
The desk range is available with three different base frames.
In particular the T base type comes with – or can be retrofitted with – an electric motor, allowing it to be height-adjusted easily in an instant. This can be crucial in achieving a more ergonomic office. It also offers conference table types, where, depending on type, the seat height can either be adjusted without the need for tools, or moved from sitting to standing height with the motorized height adjustment feature.

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