Beautiful Thinking: green design inspired by nature.

The connection between nature and people is in Interface’s DNA, it is litterally and figuratively woven into every square and plank of carpet the company produces.
Sustainability, the core every product and manufacturing processes of the company, is also enhanced by the Biophilic design and the Beautiful Thinking in the new products.

Art, design and architecture inspired by Nature have been around as long as we have. What’s taken shape over just the last two decades is evidence that designs that mimic Nature not only please the eye, they also change the people who inhabit them: people are more engaged, more collaborative, more creative. The design inspired by Nature promotes a sense of wellbeing.
For this reason Interface’s approach is Beautiful Thinking oriented -that means to create a product and a planet that are good for people- and the new products are inspired by Biophilia.
The new collections are sustainable (made with 100% recycled content nylon yarn and manufactured respecting the green life cycle of the product from production to disposal) and create a sense of well-being because they reproduce the tactile and visual textures present in outdoor scenery: cobblestone paths or grassy fields, stone or gravel paths.

Equal Measure collection is inspired by the traditional cobblestone streets found all over the world, creating a sense of the familiar and the original at the same time. The classic, irregular look of a lived-in street is combined with the soft luxury of carpet tile and all its associated benefits.


collection tells a fascinating tale about contrast and minimalism. A figurative pattern created by differences in pile height and construction.


Near & Far Collection is somewhere between made and found. The organic reference is clear, but we can see the artisan’s hand in the shape and materials.

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