Best colour for acoustic comfort?

Teal, Colour Future 2014 Akzo Nobel: well-balanced and with an excellent sound absorption performance.This year, too, Akzo Nobel Global Aesthetic Center has defined the trendy colour meant as guideline of the chromatic palettes. Teal is the Colour Future 2014: an iridescent green/blue, refined, quiet and balanced.

Already two years ago, just during Akzo workshop“Every Color is Green”, the “greenblue” trend was announced in advance by the color designer Lia Luzzatto, who now expounds “Teal is a cold colour with a perceptive ambiguity.Its sonority is dampened, however it’s not deep or sad as the blue note; it’s an introverted and discreet colour, and as such it requires and gives silence, quiet, concentration.”
Also Massimo Caiazzo, vice-president of IACC (International Association of Colour Consultants), within “synaesthetic perception”, confirms “The spectrum of greens and blues can have a soothing effect on our nervous system and dampen noise, while warm colours amplify sonorous sensations. Not accidentally, green is used for noise-abating barriers”.

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