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Blade: “cut” the noise with a shelf.

Blade by Lorenzo Damiani is one of the new Caimi Brevetti’s products that makes it possible to correct the acoustics of an environment simply and rapidly. It’s a system made up of sound-absorbent panels based on the patented Snowsound technology, integrated with very thin lacquered steel shelves only 6 mm thick. Technology and minimalism blend here in a product that perfectly embodies design and functionality.

“I wanted to create a continuously changing, dynamic modular system which, by using bent metal shelves with slim proportions, like a knife-blade, anchors the sound-absorbent panels to the walls. In this way you can create an infinite number of compositions which frame the objects laid on the actual shelves. So Blade is an independent component with a dual function because, at the same time, it can be both a system for correcting the acoustics of an environment, thanks to Snowsound technology, and a handy shelving system”, said Lorenzo Damiani presenting his designed product, a bookcase with a dual function: bookcase and acoustic correction of the environment in which it is located.
The great idea behind Caimi’s Snowsound technology is to use panels made of material of varying density, making it possible to obtain a selective level of absorption for different frequencies, thus optimizing the acoustics of a given environment, despite the fact that the panels are extremely thin and incredibly light.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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