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Offices for the community.

“From the company’s identity to the community, from the brand concept to the people”. Buongiorno offices in Milan by cristianavannini | arc were designed with the “start-up mentality”, multifunctional, fluid and avoiding fixed framework.

Place, ways and time of working are evolving rapidly, especially the office which is the centre of a new relationship between people and space. Hierarchies are falling apart, the environment is becoming hybrid, articulate, democratic, and the work itself comes out from the defined area of the office and features typical of the home environment enter the workspace”.
The Buongiorno office in Milan follows the words of its architect, Cristiana Vannini: located in the city Centre, close to “Parco delle Basiliche”, the early 1900s historical building that hosts the company has been completely renovated to give a new contemporary and dynamic twist to the interiors.

Common spaces build ties with working areas, from the ground floor, where the reception and a multifunctional area are located, to the higher floors where a meeting rooms and private offices alternated with common spaces like coffee-points and telephone booth areas.
Minimal colors palette, distinguishing textures and wall lettering are the basics of these elegant and cozy offices, approaching and defining Buongiorno’s corporate image, along with the customised furniture.
“Another current trend is the requalification of the already existing estate”, Vannini says. ”Today design has to adapt to the old buildings for a new request of functionality, through new systems and technologically advance materials”. This idea was applied to the 1500 sqm space Buongiorno offices, communicating an idea of modernity and innovation, but keeping at the same time the simplicity and some taste of the historical building.
Text by Gabriele Masi.
Photos by Saverio Lombardi Vallauri and Luca Rotondo 

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