Business network as Ecosystem of Innovation: VEDE (Venice Excellence Design).

VEDE (Venice Excellence Design) business network numbers ten companies, each leaders in their respective production segments for quality, design, creation and export. The goal of VEDE is to promote and support the furnishing chain of Venice, through synergistic collaborations and skills creating an “Ecosystem of Innovation”.

The new network gathers together a range of businesses seeking to optimize the manufacturing excellence of Triveneto in design, by creating a collective identity giving value and strength to the individual members.
The aim is to implement a form of mutual collaboration and coordination that will enable the individual members to renew their business culture and compete more effectively on the global markets.
10 adhering companies:
Arredoplast, Casamania, Dieffebi, Doimo Salotti, Elmar, Estel Group, Idea Group, La Palma, Palazzetti, Venezia Home Design, represent the highest quality the territory has to offer in the furnishing chain, from office to home furniture, kitchens and contract.
3810 employees; 530 millions in turnover (30% export).
The VEDE Mission:
To update the business culture with innovative visions and instruments.
To involve territorial entities and institutions in partnerships and collaborations.
To use the VEDE trademark to promote a renewed “model of knowing how to live and furnish”, exporting it worldwide.
To use the VEDE trademark to strengthen the territory’s identity, combining design with know-how and specialized production.
To activate the tools required to achieve the network objectives.
VEDE strategic collaborations:
In VEDE’s business, collaborations with Fondazione di Venezia, a strategic partner in the communication and development of the business network and Università IUAV di Venezia, are essential, as they flank VEDE in seeking out new opportunities under the scope of the social-cultural promotion of the territory.
One of the first activities of the VEDE business network was the collaboration agreement with La Biennale di Venezia, as supporting sponsor  of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, and the next 2015 International Biennale of Art.


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