Buxkin: creative recycle design.

Sustainability and recycling: the dutch company Buxkin turns wastes into a WOW! material for design, as Marco Iannicelli has shown with his chair made of the ribbed minced leather collection and presented at the Live Work Design by Archiproducts at FuoriSalone 2016.

Recycling and sustainability are the keywords of new attention that goes beyond the mere object, claiming a new wider vision of the creativity and industrial process and their impact over the environment and the society.
“Our products are made of recycled, waste or natural material. It’s our mission to contribute to solving the waste problem in the world”, Jan Veldhoen e Wilma Dijkgraaf, Buskin founders, says. “We prefer natural materials because they are the most comfortable. What makes them unique too is the special look & feel: they look tough, but feel soft”.
Buxkin’s material, mainly made of felt and leather, also combined together, can be used for walls, floors and objects, coming in three different patterns: flat, ribbed and lines.

“What also makes our products special is the great acoustic value”, they underline.“Echos are reduced, because of the ribbed structure and by making perforations and working in combination with felt, offering the best, natural, acoustic product someone you could ever want”.
An example of the use of Buxkin material is the chair by Marco Ianicelli, a chair designed in two different ways: “The material is flexible but not really applicable as a three-dimensional material, which I accepted as a challenge”, the designer said. “I made several models and made two prototypes for different purposes. The wooden oak chair has a hexagonal framework and is designed as a lounge/arm chair. The steel chair presented at Archiproducts is a ‘freischwinger’ that is very springily and purposed for more official environments. The back strut reminds of a rudimentary backrest”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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