BuzziBoutique in Atlanta: from workplace to home.

Buzzispace opens its first BuzziBoutique in Atlanta and it’s an overnight success. After the outdoor seating presented at Orgatec 2014 and the bicycles at 100%Design London 2015, the Belgian company doesn’t cease to amaze and presents a selection of interior design items perfect for the house and hybrid settings in one of the liveliest cities in the United States.

Buzzispace’s products together with pieces of furniture by exclusive emerging European brands: the fitting out, tastefully furnished, allows a break among new and vintage objects, not only refined for their top-quality manufacture and design, but also for their history.

From some acoustic solutions for the workplace to the home: after the workplace, Buzzi explores now the privacy of one’s home with an original and innovative concept, consistent with one’s identity and with an outstanding strategic vision.
Text by Silvia Fattore

1, BuzziBoutique is located in Westside Provisions, a boutique shopping center in Atlanta. This district is known for its bustling community of specialty shops and unique dining experiences. The sprawling center was born out of an old industrial area, making it a prime spot for both small, emerging companies and large, established brands.
2, A peek inside the BuzziBoutique flagship store. Office furnishings mix with residential styles.
3, BuzziBoutique mixes new and old. Society Linens from Italy drape on vintage pieces from Europe. BuzziLight, an acoustical lamp, from BuzziSpace hangs above classic pieces from by Lassen.
4, An eclectic mix: lighting from Alix Reynis, vintage table, Murano glass stools by Fattore. 


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