Caimi: snowsound and sustainability.

Since its foundation in 1949, Caimi Brevetti, is oriented to sperimentation with new technologies and materials and focused on functionality, sustainability and design. The new Snowsound tecnology, for environmentale acoustic comfort, is devoted to this vision too.

The innovative patented technology Snowsound by Caimi Brevetti is used for almost all the products included in the omonimous division, signed by wellknown designers: Mitesco by Michele De Lucchi, Corista by Lorenzo Palmeri and Flap by Alberto and Francesco Meda.
Snowsound is marked by the variable density of the sound absorbing panel allowing a selective absorption of the different frequencies to optimize the acoustics yet keeping a low thickness. Each density allows to absorb the sound in a different and balanced way, thus increasing its definition.
Snowsound double-side, sound-absorbent panels are practical and inexpensive, made by 100% fully reciclable polyester (without any frame or structure), easy to clean and fire-resistent (Italian Class 1; Euroclass B-s2,d0).

1 Mitesco System, design by Michele De Lucchi, is based on a light and usefull panel made by Snowsound, wall mounted or hang from the ceiling, free standing or integrated in the furniture structures.
1 Mitesco System at Technical Center Tokyo.
2 Corista, design by Lorenzo Palmeri, made by Snowsound is targeted to music professionals, it exists in a free standing and a nomadic version.
3 Flap, design by Alberto and Francesco Meda, is a system made by Snowsound irregular shape panels to define a pattern for aerial structures, wall mounted or hang from the ceiling; a variable and lightweight surface that affords creative and expressive freedom.
4 Cocker, phone booth
5 Snowsound, the variable density allowing a selective absorption of the different frequencies.
6 Sistema Mitesco at Heineken headquarters in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan).

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