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Cardboard and Wood: #din2016.

150 designers, more than 100 thousands visitors and different workshops and events: Din-Design In 2016 by has hosted successfully the best of self-made produced design and industrial at FuoriSalone 2016, where two antithetical materials like cardboard and wood stimulated creativity, versatility, experiments and innovation.

“This edition had very good results: very positive is the feedback I received from the exhibitors telling me that they met different buyers coming from different countries”. With these words Vincenzo Carbone, founder of Din-design In, has shown his satisfaction about the fourth edition of the exposition dedicated to the best of self-made produced design.
An exhibition that expresses the will of investigate the potential of a flexible, light and poor material like cardboard, of which all the set-up is made, and in particular the temporary shop by Carton Factory and the Conference Area and the InfoPoint by A4Adesign.
The company has also presented different products like the bookshelf Bookstack, the dish Plato, the chair and the couch Heaverest. Cardboard finds his way also in the office, where helloStandy has designed a practical and easy-to-use “extension” to turn every normal desk in a standing one.
While this material needs to be still fully experimented, wood is the classic, but still always open to new solutions and capable to stimulate the designer’s imagination.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

 Opening. Area Conference, A4Adesign. A Conference area made entirely by cardboard.
Havearest armchair, A4Adesign. The Havearest collection includes also a two-seats  sofa and a three seats one. All the objects were realised using recycling cardboard.
2. Standy +, helloStandy. The first standing desk made by cardboard, easy to open, close and place.
3. Playwood, Stefano Guerrieri. A wooden easy-to-use and practical modular furniture system.
Bookstack, A4Adesign. A Bookshelf made in cardboard, allowing a free configuration over four different levels.

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