Glamour cardboard, outdoor too.

Creativity, sustainability and a high quality design: the eco-friendly collection Anime di Carta (Paper soul) by Staygreen, presented at the FuoriSalone 2016, gives a new perspective on cardboard as a WOW! materials to create different kind of objects from chairs, tables to lamps and bookcases.

Light, ductile and recyclable: these characteristic, as we have already talked about, make Cardboard one of the most interesting materials we have seen at FuoriSalone 2016.
The innovative vision by Staygreen and its collection Anime di Carta is to turn a poor material with a raw look reputation, into a high design material, showing its glamour side.
Developed in collaboration with different designers as Robertopamio+partners and Setsu & Shinobu Ito, the collection take the eco-friendly theme to another level, not only for the materials (cardboard and natural glues extract from pea starch), but also in the process, managing the energy consumption and reducing waste.
The collection is based on different kind of object as chairs, bookcases, lamps or other furnishing accessory, thought for different environment, office and home, outdoor and indoor, thanks to the covering Solid Green, suitable for all the elements of the collection.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

1. Jvett, Omm, Stone.
Jvett is Staygreen’s symbol: made by a multilayer poplar and steel legs, it can come in different covering as eco-leather, cotton or leather. The shape of table Stone is inspired by a rock smoothed by the water, while the bookcase Omm (150 cm height; 32 cm thickness; 38 kg)  recalls to the perfection of the circle: both of them present the typical Staygreen’s double-cardboard-wave structure.
2. BOTTO sofà. Designed by the japanese Setsu & Shinobu Ito, along with STAY Chair, BOTTO sofà is a complete couch with pouffe and a compartment for glasses and bottles, that makes it ideal for welcoming spaces and lounges.
3. @Luce shape. Staygreen’s collection present a rich line of lamps and table lamps. @Luce Shape, with the elegant curve of its stem, is made, as well, by a double kraft cardboard wave structure.
4.. Jarres.  Jarres is one of the totemic vase with Amphora, presented at FuoriSalone 2016. The innovative audio system they are equipped with, make them original loudspeakers with a strong visual impact.

03_JARRES Music_Roberto Pamio & partners_Staygreen_wow-webmagazine

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