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Casa Italia: Italian design at Winter Olympics.

On the occasion of the XXIII Winter Olympic Games 2018 (PyeongChang, February 9th /25th) together with the Azzurri, under the spotlight there’s also the project of the comfortable Casa Italia, a corner of Bel Paese and made in Italy design in the heart of distant South Korea.

Casa Italia will not only be the official headquarters of the Italian Olympic Team, but it will also be destined to host the numerous meetings and official events as a convector of ideas and opportunities, connections and emotions.
A project of immeasurable scope that already in 2016, during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, involved the greatest Italian exponents of sport, institutions, media and entertainment, as well as some of the most representative realities of our country.

Casa Italia will be hosted in the Yong Pyong Golf Club in Pyeongchang, a modern chalet with wall-to-wall windows designed by the Italian architect Luca Galliano that allows a full immersion in the mountain landscape.

The concept of this edition, curated by Beatrice Bertini, is Prospectum, or the three-dimensionality as a key to understanding the world and the ability to project forward: a theme that is dear to us and recalls the Renaissance tradition. It is not only a way of interpreting space but the intention to open up to points of view different from one’s own, fundamental both for the Italian spirit and for the will of cultural exchange intrinsic to the Olympics.

Edra, chosen by CONI as Official Supplier, is present at Casa Italia with the interior design curated by Claudia Pignatale of the Secondome Gallery and a selection of products representative of its collection (the Margherita chairs by Jacopo Foggini, the sofas Pack, Gran Khan and Sfatto by Francesco Binfarè¨; Grinza and Favela armchairs and Aster Papposus sofa by Fernando and Humberto Campana).

Among the excellences of Made in Italy, Bross was also invited: an important collaboration created to furnish the beating heart of Casa Italia, the dining and meeting area with seats and tables designed by Giulio Iacchetti.

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