Chaos at FuoriSalone 2016.

Chaos is the rule of the universe and the way to interpretate our time. From this point of view the School of Design PoliMi’s exhibition “Caos” was born. During the Milano Design Week 2016, 14 scale models of suggestive residential setting brought at Palazzo Litta a reflection over the contemporary society and the way we are living in it.

Chaos is a powerful energy, not only a negative and destructive one, but also something capable to unchain our creativity. The MA students of School of Design PoliMi of Milan designed an installation of 14 scale models that reflects the way of organising the domestic space and the life of who lives in it, driven by creativity, music, fashion and human relationships.
After the last year exhibition about the aesthetics of the extreme poverty, Caos was one of the most interesting reflection over our contemporaneity at FuoriSalone 2016.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

1. Assillo, di Alice Borroni, Martina Cornaggia, Minghong Ou, Eleonora Trombi.
Chaos needs new point of views over the world to be tamed. The window is the symbol of this new gaze, capable of fixing the images in the memory.
2. Elogio alla follia, di Flavia De Meo, Ambra Seliziato, Serena Caponetti, Matteo Bracelli.
A mountain of packaging in messy atelier and an ever changing graphic installation: this is the madness of the contemporary collector in a consumerist economy, following the aesthetic of the chaos.
3. Animi Quaestio, by Fabiana Rodenas, Marina Spini, Giovanni Taglialatela, Valentina Teruzzi.
The chaos produced by religious wars is here represented by books, which stand for our personal and spiritual culture. We have a choice: the rationally of the attic or the irrationalily of the basement.
4. Di sola apparenza, by Olivia Mastrapasqua, Chiara Molene, Carlotta Montagna, Elena Sofia Nascimbeni.
In a messy society, an irrational order based on colours replaces a logical one. This solution creates a fake order, where it is impossible to find what you are looking for.

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