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Co-design and graceful design for an Undecided Sofa.

Undecided Sofa is a graceful lounge seating designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen for Manerba. The talented Italian-Finnish designers intrigue the user with sensitivity and irony, by enabling them to “decide” on the final looks of the sofa by choosing colour and size.

After the colour code system, that lent new moods to Manerba’s furniture systems, the clear vision of the sisters Grazia and Elisa Manerba -heading the Mantova based company with the art direction of Raffaella Mangiarotti- could construe the looks of the workplace and carry out an original soft product.
Undecided Sofa was successfully launched during Milano Design Week at Palazzo Litta and at the showroom Manerba inside the concept store Jannelli & Volpi.
The attractive cushions it’s made of provide for the adequate sound insulation to satisfy the need for relaxation or informal meetings by carving out a privacy area within in-between areas and public spaces.

1-Manerba-Undecided-Sofa- Mangiarotti-Suppanen-wow-webmagazine- lounge

Most of all, what arouses emotion is the ability to render the concepts of fluidity and transformation in a poetical manner, which underlies today’s living and working environments.

2-Manerba-Undecided-Sofa- Mangiarotti-Suppanen-wow-webmagazine- lounge

These concepts turn into a co-design tool and intellectual game involving the user’s active participation, to create their own Undecided Sofa according to their requirements.
Three steps to create the Undecided Sofa:

Manerba-Undecided-Sofa- Mangiarotti-Suppanen-wow-webmagazine- lounge
Choose the height: two pillow cases for the lower version, three at headrest height and four for the “meeting setup” that transforms it into a charming and comfortable mini-meeting room with high acoustic absorption.
Choose colors: make your own “chromatic playlist” – monochrome, bicolor, for nuances or random – is the atout of this couch; and the plus is that the composition can be updated at any time, removing or replacing the pillows, even in a corner or a delimited area.
Make a decision: sit back, breathe, think; deciding it has never been so simple, beautiful, and comfortable.

Undecided-sofa-Mangiarotti_Suppanen- Manerba-wow-webmagazine

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