Coboat: a sailing coworking off-shore.

Coboat is the first project of sustainable coworking on the sea, founded by four digital nomads (Karsten Knorr, Australian, James Abbott, Thai, Tommy Westlin, Finnish, Gerald Schömbs, German) who want to offer to other freelancers the opportunity to share a space, experimenting with the exciting feeling of living and working in a place without boundaries. The motto “Explorate, Innovate, Collaborate” perfectly expresses their philosophy.

“Coworking spaces are now available everywhere- says James Abbott, one of the founders- When it comes to mobile living and working, the desire for sunny places increases massively.” This desire led to the idea of ​​creating the first coworking on the water.
Coboat expands the concept of work-life balance to a magical and innovative formula integrating sports, holidays and fun, too.
It makes possible a creative and efficient work, guarantees opportunities to relax and enriches the experience of the coworkers with diving and other activities such as photography, brewing beer or learning sailing.
30 meters long and equipped with a 32 meters high mast, Coboat features an area of ​​over 700 square meters, in addition to the trampoline net as big as a volleyball pitch; it accommodates up to 20 smart workers, professionals, entrepreneurs and undoubtedly is a perfect and stimulating environment for every creative activity.
As a coworking space offers reliable internet connections both near the coast -3G 4G- and off-shore to satellite-based communications.
Powered from a genuine love for the Planet, Coboat aims zero emissions, is designed for self-sustainability, fueled  by solar and wind energy, uses desalinated sea water and uses fishery practices with a minimal impact.
In November 2015, the catamaran will sail from Southeast Asia en route to the Maldives and the Seychelles, while passing through the Mediterranean Sea next year.
The team is growing and community captains were chosen: Natalia, creative activator and Suzanne, ambassador for adventure & advocate for sustainability, the support of sailors and a cook are also expected.
The dream to travel, live and cowork in a so extraordinary and inspiring  atmosphere is not expensive: Coboat offers weekly or monthly reservations about 1,000 euro a week. The package includes accommodation, catering and an unobstructed view of the sea.4-coboat-coworking-wow-webmagazine

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