Coffice, the “all you can eat” co-working space.

Interpreting the constant changes of the new ways of working, with new spaces that are able to create new experiences.Coffice” is the new social cafè in Milan, a little revolution in the conception of the co-working, where the attention for a genuine food joins an environment designed for working, organizing meetings, events, presentations or just relaxing.

Coffice, the new social cafè of Milan located at Porta Romana’s area, was born to answer the need of new informal working spaces, which are becoming the favourite places for running business and professional relationships or meetings.
That’s why Coffice offers a wide range of services such as unlimited wi-fi, workstations for tablets and laptops, scanners and printers, as well as unlimited coffee and a “all you can eat” buffet of delicious sweet and salted snacks. There are also some break areas with couches and armchairs, where it’s easy to relax, maybe reading a book from the free booksharing shelves.
The fees are also innovative. You don’t pay, infact, what you eat, but you pay the time you stay in: the first hour costs €4 and from the second hour it costs 1,50 every 30 minutes.
Coffice is a place that gives a familiar atmosphere where working and delight can melt togheter, surrounded by a relaxed and essential environment, made in a typical “northen design”.
Not just a co-working bar and restaurant, by the way: Coffice is also a cultural space adaptable for lessons or for vernissages or different kind of expositions, events and presentations.
Text by Gabriele Masi.



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