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Color and material trends from Design Week 2013.

A new naturalism makes us rediscover the traditional materials and the possible colours are soft pastel shades.

The wish to touch and smell nature is increasingly strong; the right word would be neo-nature: even what looks unrefined is the outcome of a manufacturing process that strengthens the properties and leaves the natural characteristics unchanged. The leading materials are all types of wood (some exhibitions about it, for example Very Wood and Beyond Wood), but also rattan, cane, raffia and bamboo, “pure” in the far east designers’ concepts (Hand Made in Hangshou o Taiwan Contemporary Chairs) or in some more unusual combinations of wood and metal in a western style (Raphia by LucidiPevere for Casamania, Bamboo Steel by Nendo for Han Gallery, Expormim, Tina armchair by Benedetta Tagliabue). Aluminium and steel stand out among metals, but copper (Urquiola for B&B) and alloys are also becoming popular KME (table Copper-Frame by Christophe Pillet). High-tech materials are less emphasized, used for their high performances yet less shown off and sometimes “naturalized” through perceptively stimulating textures (Laminam Andy). The triumph of textiles in the office sector: the return of textiles is most evident in in-between areas, also thanks to their remarkable sound absorbing properties.

Color trends?

Ok colors, better on 3D surfaces. The evergreen black and white, single or combined, and also some trails of saturated colour  – the “splash of colour” – but pastel shades are emerging, soft and not aggressive, sweet as sugardrops. Exactly the same palettes that FutureColor 2013 di Akzo Nobel named “Visual Solace”, “Collective Passion” e “The art Of Understanding”.

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