Texture “jeans effect” for powder coatings.

AkzoNobel Textura: is a sustainable and high performance powder coatings collection with a materic texture and color trends. Global Aesthetics Center’ experts have selected Denim Drift as ColorFutures 2017. Conscious of the main colour trends, AkzoNobel has added a Denim Drift-like shade to the110 RAL hues of the Textura, collection.

The colour blue positively affects our state of mind and boosts emotional balance.
Furthermore, the Denim Drift shade adds the freshness and informality inspired by this popular fabric – denim, better if washed-out – used to make jean pants.


Not only a garment but an iconic symbol of our lifestyles, as Fabio Novembre anticipates through his artistic installation for Tommy Hilfiger at La Rinascente in Milan in 2013.

The typical denim weave is even more stressed in the Textura finish, with a warm tactile effect. This line of products is however easy to clean and resistant, therefore perfect for busy areas.
With due regard for environmental sustainability, Akzo has also developed new chemical formulations to allow lower cooking temperature and time with a remarkable energy saving.
Textura Denim Drift has a green soul, too.


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