Colors for workplaces with personality.

“Create space with personality” was the title of Sedus’s stand at Orgatec 2016. The company has devoted special attention to the study of color, to give the workplace environments different personalities according to the task performed, so that colours may affect our mood and behaviour. Here are a few hints.

The four guide themes- Energy, Nature, Water, Elegance- worked out by Sedus define its palettes. Each colour triggers different chemical reactions that may, for instance, increase or reduce the production of those hormones stimulating different states of mind.


Sun and energy for task areas.
Warm colours -from red to orange to yellow-
improve our mood, pressure, heart rate and muscle activity. They boost rapid adrenalin production, thus stimulating more energy, action and communication. The advice is to use them for the workstations.

Hearth and nature for break areas.
The soft green colours evoke levity and have a calming effect on the nervous system, while the shades of brown evoke the earth, they are warm and soothing. The “Nature” palette is especially suitable for quiet areas for socializing or meant as library as well as break, lounge and dining areas.

Water and sky for brain-storming and teamwork areas.
The shades of blue
 and azure affect a decrease in heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, they stimulate the parasympathetic system and creative imagination and intellectual work. They are especially suitable for brainstorming areas because they help to focused attention.


Refined texture and materials for executive areas.
As for the executive lounges, the colour code ranges from the classic black to grey and white. Darker colours demonstrate respect, professionalism and reliability, instead white is the colour of clarity and conveys a feeling of simplicity, order and polish which excites a good attitude.

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