Colour that warms, cools, purifies.

In-depth analysis of the technical aspects of colour and the high performance a “superficial” coating can achieve is the task of Claudia Salomoni, Specification Advisor & Marketing Coordinator for Akzo Nobel, a multi-national leader in the production of powder coating, Dieffebi supplier and co-organizer of the seminar at Salone Ufficio.

In her brief introduction she illustrates the characteristics of powder coatings – comprising not just pigments but also additives and resins – an innovative technology which entered Europe in the 60s.  This technology is absolutely eco-sustainable, based on certified processes and for this reason valid for the assignment of LEED points. Since the ’60s constant research has led to ever more effective products.  For over 10 years Como has hosted the most important production site in Europe and since last year has also been home to the most important European research centre.  The centre re-processes all kinds of coatings which are adapted to meet the needs of different industries.The Sassenheimun Aesthetics Center has been operating since 2006.  It is a Colour Research Centre which analyses different sectors – art, fashion, cosmetics and automotive – and every October defines the main colours for the next year.  An adaptable tool known as “ColourFutures” has been created to orientate designers when choosing colours.
It is also interesting to discover that Akzo Nobel’s research does not stop at theory and colour but becomes a high performance product, a texture and a working tool.  Some product collections are presented as examples:

a Collection, one of the most important, 25 years on the market, guaranteed and tested also in extreme conditions.  Every three years its shades and effects are renewed with the cooperation of the Paris studio of Peclers.
Anodic Collection, for outdoor use, a smart sustainable proposition that offers greater resistance and durability than the traditional anodization process and also makes it possible to touch up existing surfaces.
Brilliance Collection offers metallised effects comparable to liquid car body paints, with the advantage of sustainability and great durability outdoors.
The new Structura Collection comes in a selection of matt finishes in five nature-inspired colour ranges (40 shades).  It has a special surface structure (Qualicoat class 2 homologation) which gives a warm sensation when touched.
Performance becomes even more exciting in the Eternity Collection which contains reflecting pigments and has the capacity to lower the temperature of the painted item by up to 45% also for dark colours.  This contributes significantly to reducing energy consumption.
Then there are Antimicrobial Coatings, a certified antimicrobial technology created for environments where health and sanitary conditions must be protected.  These products use silver ions to reduce bacterial proliferation and can be incorporated by Akzo Nobel, free of charge, into any type of powder coating to be applied in community environments such as schools, offices, gyms, spas, etc.
Upper photo: Installation IILA by Sonia Falcone at Biennale Arte di Venezia 2013.

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