Concrete in product and interior design.

A new beauty, the result of a “start-up” and “creative garage” attitude, is spreading all over our living surroundings with its raw and industrial materials and plenty of concrete, and the new design products are also involved.

Primo Orpilla founder of Studio O+A in San Francisco told us about a new aesthetics for interior design as an amalgam of classic industrial textures and vanguard technology.
Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone 2014 have confirmed this concept. Who would have thought, that we could eat or worked at a concrete table sitting on a concrete stool?
In 2011, Kristalia embarked on a new challenge launched by the designers LucidiPevere: to design a cement table. The minimalist Boiacca Table was one of the first objects made from concrete anticipating this trend (now it is also available in wood).

It is made by Eco-Concrete the seating of Su Emeco designer by Nendo (the eco-concrete seat consists of 50% recycled glass bottles and CSA -calcium sulfoaluminate cement- that takes much less energy to make).
Wood Skin is a patented panel of malleable wood composed by two rigid surfaces and a special fabric is compressed in between them. It includes also the Cement version made by wood+ concrete.
Concreo, too, is a light, high-tech and concrete-looking material (presented by Material Connexion at Triennale) to be worked with the same tools used for wood to carry out objects or surfaces.
The symbol material of the twentieth-century architecture is now the hallmark of an interior design with its raw texture in a high-tech version, or ironically “lightened” as in Bard, the soft and amusing pouf designed by Giulio Iacchetti for Internoitaliano, in imitation concrete, that looks like the traffic divider designed by Enzo Mari for the Milan urban spaces.

1,2, Internoitaliano, Bard, design Giulio Iacchetti, pouf in imitation concrete, that looks like the traffic divider designed by Enzo Mari
3, Kristalia Boiacca, design LucidiPevere, this indoor and outdoor table is made from concrete and incorporates a simple design
4, Concreo is a light, high-tech concrete-looking panel to be worked with the same tools used for wood.
5, Wood Skin Cement is a patented panel of malleable wood with concrete surface.
6, Emeco, Collezione SU, design Nendo. Eco-Concrete is one of the new three sustainable materials available for the seats.


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