Constantly connected knowledge workers, have a break!

I’ve been on holiday with my grandchild for two weeks determined to be a full-time granny… yet I could not disconnect from iPhone and iPad, replying to phone calls and texts, improvising skype meetings, checking at each  “ding” the inbox, on the beach, at the restaurant, while boating.
I’m proud of my capability/possibility of working everywhere, and I could form a perfect team of co-workers, who have the same ways of working as mine.
However, the trick is to be able to disconnect, as well.
Time isn’t necessarily a tyrant, and the ancient Greeks knew it very well, as they used to define it in several ways: Aion, eternal time, Kronos, “quantitative” time, measurable, we are distressed about the hours that slip by… and then Kairos, the qualitative nature of time, the right moment, a break when something happens.
So I analysed my work-life balance, I left my devices on the bedside table and I allowed myself my Kairos-Time and a few, interesting ideas came to me, that could come handy for my work; I was productive, yet without having to act incessantly. Everyone knows that “make” isn’t the only job.
I admit this is the reason why WOW! Webmagazine comes out two weeks late, I apologize to my readers, but I’m sure you all survived. Let me give you some advice, summer is the perfect time: have a break, that’s really good for your health!

Editorial by Renata Sias

PS: I have been surfing the Internet a bit and I recommend: Il coaching e l’arte di sostare (in Italian, by Fabia Bergamo); “Take yourself seriously!” (by Reinhard Stohr issue #8 Place 2.5 Sedus) and the book  “The distraction TrapHow to focus in a digital world” by Frances Booth.

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