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Corporate Garden at Boehringer Ingelheim: good practise and CSR.

Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the 20 biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, has been started a corporate garden at his HQ in Milan. The gardeners of the social cooperative Cascina Biblioteca have planted vegetable and fruit in special containers and now the employers are looking after them. The workers appreciated this initiative, part of a Corporate Social Responsibility project.

Vegetables and fruit on the workplace. The phenomenon of the Corporate Garden is spreading in giant multinational companies and also in small companies.
WOW! talks about this good practise and presented, for example, Sedus and Unicredit corporate gardens where the workers can grow vegetables during their break time.
Vegetables garden have recently become an healthy hobby for over 20 million Italians, according to a Coldiretti/Censis survey and the companies are contributing to save the environment and they are really showing concern to sustainability.
Advantages for the workers are many, because working in a vegetable garden lower stress caused by working rhythm, boost energy and seems to improve relationship among colleagues.
The corporate garden of Boehinger Ingelheim in Milan is one of the initiatives of a bigger project, started by the company, which aims to make workers more and  more sympathetic in the care of their workplace and also aims to make them feel of creating a more human workplace fit for them to live in.
This is a matter of social responsibility towards its workers and the site where the company is located; the company, in fact, has appointed the social cooperative Cascina Biblioteca, to look after its green spaces.
Cascina Biblioteca is an important social reality working for the work integration of disabled people, part of the brand Cooption , a brand comprising six social cooperatives and a “consorzio” (Cascina Biblioteca, il Cedro, La Goccia, Solaris Lavoro,  Ambiente, Verbena, C.S. & L) in the Milan area.
The fields  where they operate are mainly project, realization and maintenance of green, environmental education together with interventions in the Energy and Environment Sector, Facility Management and Work Area.

Boehringer-Ingelheim-orto aziendale-wow-webmagazine


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