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Coworking at poolside! The WOW! Agile Working Island is back.

On the occasion of the Agile Working Day, for the second year running the stand at the historic Piscina Cozzi in Milan changes into a coworking space and a hub, where people can share experiences and visions concerning Agile Working or Smart Working, which is a more international definition (from February 15th to 19th).

WOW! Webmagazine, in collaboration with Milanosport, organizes the second edition of “Isola WOW! Lavoro Agile”.
From February 15th to 19th, the large space available on the second floor stand of the Cozzi swimming pool in Milan will be fitted out with some original workstations and sofas to be used free of charge by anyone wishing to work with an Agile approach or have a relaxing break, pool-goers or occasional smart workers can work on shared desks or organize small meetings over a cup of coffee.
A new “conference” area has been introduced for those meetings expected to be attended by a larger number of people, like the course with the Society of Architects or the workshop on the relation between Agile Working and urban development (organized in collaboration with Arel) where also the councilwoman Chiara Bisconti is expected to be present.
Instead, the informal and more interactive meetings –Jelly Session– will take place at the lounge area, to share experiences in Italy and abroad but even doubts and questions.
Sure enough, a strong point of this project is the network time and the meetings dealing with the chief aspects of the Agile Working. A theme now highly topical even among outsiders and that, after so many years of confusion, is finally being understood and has a clearer identity and objectives.

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